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GMSDCIt’s long been said that “as small business goes, so goes America,” but what are the factors and the forces driving this all-important segment?

Join host, entrepreneur and small business expert Stacey Key and her team of co-hosts on Tuesdays at 11:30am EST for the GMSDC’s Let’s Talk Small Business radio show. Listen as they engage the entire small business development community in active dialogue about the obstacles and opportunities affecting this complex business segment.

Hear from C-suite executives, sole proprietors, and government and industry leaders – as they share the meaningful insight and instruction necessary to build prosperous business ventures in today’s global economy.

For show sponsorship, contact Cynthia Myers at (404)589-4923 or CynthiaM@gmsdc.org. For guest nominations, contact Vivian Rodriguez at VivianR@gmsdc.org.


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Georgia Power, A Southern Company    Cartrell Watts has a 25 year career with the Southern Company System. He began his career as a Distribution Engineer with Mississippi Power Company (MPC) in 1990. In 1994, he transferred to Georgia Power Company’s (GPC) Commercial & Industrial Sales Organization. Over the past twenty-one (21) years, he has served … [more]

David Simpkins / Southern Petroleum Resources  David Simpkins is President and CEO of Southern Petroleum Resources(SPR), LLC, a Certified Minority bulk fuel supplier that provides ULSD and Dyed diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricants, and fuel additives to the trucking, construction, City, State, Federal and convenience store industry. Also supplying aviation fuel & Av gas to airports … [more]

Paul Williams / Greenspeed Energy Solutions  Mr. Williams is currently the President and CEO of Greenspeed Energy Solutions, LLC, a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Greenspeed Energy designs and installs energy efficiency solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Services include lighting and mechanical efficiency upgrades, energy audits, and solar PV. He … [more]

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